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Auto Link New Zealand

After we moved to New Zealand in 2006, I was keen to share my firsthand experience gathered in Japan.
Auto Link Holdings LLC truly a virtual company, introduced to cut intermediary, reduce cost of managing a yard and past that benefit to the importer. Auto link have stocks that purchased from Japanese car auctions, or cars with buy now price. If the car you are searching not listed on our buy now stock page, we will help you to buy from a Japanese auctions as we regularly attend almost all Japanese car auctions with access to over 10,000 vehicles for a day.
Integrity and honesty are two important things that we follow. To make your life easier, just pay a little extra now you can have a mechanical warranty as well as 24 /7 roadside assistance.

Welcome to

Autolink New Zealand

We are small but we are one of the first in New Zealand to introduce the virtual car dealer concept, which will be future of most any car dealerships.
Please contact us today we will help you to buy your car
Sam-Country Manager
Auto Link Holdings LLC
14A, Rennie Drive, Mangere Auckland 2022

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