Compact Car or a small family car (Europe), is a classification of cars which are larger than a supermini but smaller than or equal to a mid-size car. The term often leads into confusion, however, since international compact cars are somewhat larger than their North American equivalents, mostly because no supermini/subcompact size is manufactured by American, Mexican and Canadian car makers up to date.

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2017 New Honda Civic 1.5 L Hatch Back DBA-FK7

Model: DBA-FK7Smart Key, Push Start , LED head lamps , 18 inch Alloy Wheels ..

¥ 0.00

2017 New Toyota Aqua Crossover Hybrid DAA-NHP10

Model: DAA-NHP10 LED head lamp package , Fog Lamps,16 inch Alooy Wheels,Toyota Safety Sense, Rear..

¥ 2,190,000.00

2017 New Toyota Aqua Hybrid S (new model) DAA-NHP10

Model: DAA-NHP10 New model after minor changes, Toyota Safty Sense,Multifunction Steering, Smart ..

¥ 1,890,000.00

2017 New Honda Fit Hybrid S pkg sensing DAA-GP5

Model: DAA-GP5 New Model, Honda Sensing , LED head lamp & fog lamps,Sporty front bumper,Rear ..

¥ 2,100,000.00

2017 New Suzuki Swift Hybrid RS DAA-ZC53S

Model:DAA-ZC53S Aero Body Kit, LED head lamps,Fog Lamps,Alloy Wheels,Push Start,Paddle Shift, ..

¥ 0.00

2017 New Honda Fit Hybrid L honda sensing (New Model) DAA-GP5

Model: DAA-GP5 Grade L Honda Sensing , Premium Brown Interior , Half Leather Seat, LED head lamps..

¥ 0.00

2017 New Honda Fit Hybrid F pkg DAA-GP5

Model: DAA-GP5 Hybrid F PKG , Push Start , Multi Function Steering, TV , DVD ..

¥ 0.00

2013 Alfa Romeo Giulietta ABA-940141 (Silver)

Features: ABS, Airbag, Alloy Wheels, Electronic Throttle Control, Power Steering, Power Windows, AC,..

¥ 0.00

2013 Renault Megane ABA-DZF4R (Gray)

Features: ABS, Airbags, Alloy Wheels, Power Steering, Power Windows etc ..

¥ 0.00

2015 Toyota Passo DBA-KGC30 XL Package (Light Purple)

Features: ABS, Navigation, CD player, Parking Monitor, Electronic Throttle Control, A..

¥ 0.00

2014 Toyota Corolla Rumion DBA-NZE151 1.5X (Blue)

Features: Airbags, ABS, Power Steering, Power Windows, Electronic Throttle Control, AC, TV etc ..

¥ 0.00

2016 Nissan Cube DBA-Z12 15X (Blue)

Features: ABS, Airbags, Navigation, Power Steering, Power Windows, etc ..

¥ 0.00