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About Auto Link Holdings LLC
We are pleased that you have chosen to visit us on the Internet. The Auto Link Holdings has become the preferred source of many overseas dealers.
Take a few moments to find out about our great service and online options on your favorite Japanese used Car dealer, exporter and sourcing company. Count on us as we are reliable and trustworthy in our business. We have been in business for the many years, and our commitment has been to provide clients with sourcing all types of cars, Motor bikes, trucks, negotiation with the auction houses for unsold cars and win, live bidding and buying all your favorite vehicles using our virtual and unparallel auction service for inspection, ownership experience that meets individual needs and exceeds expectations. Our VIP Slot is a newest function of our business and we will recommend cars for your country that is more economical and sell faster.
Auto Link Holdings LLC also serve as a an informative resource center for Japanese automotive related topics, within the same kind of warm, friendly, supportive environment that we strive to provide at our dealership. This will include latest information of the trade, changes in the auctions of Japan and possible changes in the future. We will make your and keep you alert for possible major changes in the future. Japanese cars, European cars, or cars from Korea, Singapore or India yes your company Auto Link has direct contacts. Our staff makes frequent visits to these countries and updates you with all information of the trade.