Buy From Japanese Car Auctions


buy from japanese car auctions

how to buy from japanese car auctions

Japanese car auctions are becoming more and more popular; in fact, the auctions have been called the wave of the future in buying auto. There is much to be gained simply by learning about the Auctions in Japan when you register with Auto Link Japan. There are now approximately 90 Major Japanese car auction houses which is held every week, and over 10,000 cars are sold in day. More than 90 % of car owners in Japan sell their cars through auctions through these car auctions. Bidding and purchasing cars directly from the car auctions means reasonable prices, a large variety of quality cars to choose from, and a reliable car condition grading system.


How to buy from the auction:

Step 1: Send us the details of the car you wish to buy

Step 2: Send us a refundable deposit of 500 US$

Step 3: We search all auctions and find your car

Step 4: We invoice you and you send us the second payment for Shipment

Step 5: Arrange shipment

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