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Japan Cars Auction

What is Japan Auto Auction ?

Japan Auto Auctions offer a huge selection of used cars every week. The Japan Car Auction System is the cheapest source of cars in Japan with more than 70 online auctions and 120,000+ vehicles every week. Its really very easy and fast way to buy a vehicle from Japan at best competitive prices with all genuine and accurate information.
Welcome to Auto Link Holdings LLC, specialist in export of quality cars from Japan. We are based in Yamato, Kanagawa and visit all the major auto auctions inspecting cars for our clients. Buy your next car through us and have confidence in your purchase. Moreover, the bidding management system developed by 'Auto Link' ensures that the process is flawless and convenient for you.

Free Access over 120,000 Cars at Japan Auto Auction!

How to Buy from Japanese Auto Auction ?

How to Buy from Auction
Nowadays, buying is made very simple, easy and prompt through the availability of Reliable Online Auction Houses. Dealers and buyers are able to make a prompt decision of whether to bid on a particular vehicle or not which may save ample of time.
We will help you to select and import your own car from the large choice at the online Japanese car auctions each week. We are on YOUR SIDE from start to finish.

Auction Grade Explanation

  • SNew
  • 5Same as New
  • 4.5Excellent grade with almost no issue
  • 4Great grade with minor issues only
  • 3.5Good grade with some issues that may need repair
  • 3Average grade with issues to fix
  • 2Bad grade
  • 1Engine swap or has been under water
  • *Non running car, needs a forklift to be moved. But also mentioned for any motorbike or machinery
  • R or OAccident history repaired. Repaired parts are mostly informed on auction sheet
  • RAMinor accident repaired (core support or back panel only)
  • RBHeavy repair (till inner panel or floor)
  • RCPillar or frame has been changed/repaired
  • R2Accident history and mostly rust or corrosion issue

Why Buy Cars from Japan Auto Auctions?

Cheaper Prices

Japanese Car Auctions are best source of vehicles at low price, as they are sold at competitive price in Auctions.

Wide Variety of Stock

Over 100,000 vehicles are available from all major auction halls in Japan to choose your preferred vehicle.

Accuracy of Information

Get accurate inspection sheet of vehicle from Auctions to get correct vehicle condition. We assure you high quality vehicles at best price.

Sales Statistics

Market Price Data of different vehicles is available to find out average price before you bid. Get Maximum Profit!!

Premium Quality Vehicles

High Quality Used Vehicles are available at Japan Auto Auctions at average prices.

Fast & Smoth Shipping Process

We provide smooth custom clearance and fast shipment on next available vessel.