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We at Auto Link Holdings LLC (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") keep personal information about customers to provide convenient, useful merchandise and services to try and satisfy customers. To protect the rights of customers by keeping their personal information from leakage, loss, alteration and other risks, the Company has formulated the "Personal Information Protection Policy" as follows. We will take all necessary and proper measures to protect our customers' personal information.
The Company shall observe domestic laws, regulations and other criteria to properly manage personal information.
The Company shall define regulations and rules concerning the acquisition, utilization and provision of personal information and have all directors and employees follow them, so that personal information will be handled properly.
When we commission the handling of personal information to outside entities, the Company shall ensure that the personal information is managed safely.
The Company shall strive to prevent leakage, loss and alteration of personal information by taking proper and rational measures to manage the personal information we possess (including deposited personal information).
The Company shall continuously review our management system and efforts for the protection of personal information, and do our utmost to improve the system and enhance our efforts.

Using Personal information

The personal information the Company holds shall be used within the scope necessary for the achievement of the following purposes. The information we hold shall neither be utilized beyond the scope necessary for attaining the purpose of the information, nor be provided to any third party, except when customers give their prior consent (including contracts) or when utilization is permitted by laws and ordinances.
To provide merchandise and services of the Company as well as provide information to customers, including direct mailing, to introduce merchandise and services that we deem to be useful for customers.
We shall cease the distribution of such information at the request of customers.
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